There are some really great business coaches out there, but sometimes you really need someone who totally gets our niche industry and the unique issues we face. Someone who has been in the trenches, just like you. A coach who is direct, supportive, creative, connected, and motivated to see you succeed. Sometimes you need someone who truly believes you deserve every blessing that is waiting for you. Welcome to Prosperatree Coaching!


Quick Fix

30-minute call + followup email


Perfect for professional advice and getting answers to your most pressing problems quickly. This package is ideal when you need impartial counsel for sticky client situations and how to handle them with grace. Click here to get started.


Hourly Coaching

60-minute phone/video call + followup email


Ideal for more complicated issues, document review, copywriting, consults, and help making creative decisions on branding, package pricing, and graphics. This hour can be used to sort through client issues, sleep questions, and just about everything else. Click here to get started.

Dubsado Basic Setup

2-hour video call + followup email


An automated CRM is one of the greatest tools you can have in the pursuit of work/life balance. Getting your Dubsado account going can be overwhelming or expensive, if you hire a systems firm to do it. For you DIY folks who need help getting this ball rolling, this is your package. Personalized walk-through and set up of the basics: Brand settings, lead forms, proposals, agreements, canned emails, packages, workflows, invoices, getting paid, and more. There will be some homework to do before and after your appointment, but it's pretty painless. Stop spending your entire day on office tasks and start letting your CRM do all the work for you! Click here to get started.

Dubsado Pro Setup

3-hour video call or in-person session + custom prep/copy & two followup emails


Take your basic setup to pro with this longer consultation and more support. In addition to the personalized walkthrough and setup, you’ll get customized coaching for the content, design, and copy of your canned emails, forms, and more. You will provide the details and we will polish them and make sure your system is set up to work for you. This package is semi-DIY. You will learn how to navigate your CRM, but we will do some of the heavy lifting for you to get you operational as soon as possible! Click here to get started.