Driven by success. Inspired to relax. Motivated to lead.


Prosperatree was created to support both the personal and professional development of practitioners in the family wellness industry. We all want to thrive, flourish, and succeed; to prosper in health, wealth, freedom, and strong relationships. We strive to grow up and out, like the branches of a tree with sturdy roots, inspired to add new leaves to our expanding network of progress. Prosperatree is here to support your growth and here's how it all began...

As Cortney Gibson, worked on growing her own company, she researched ways to make her business more efficient and more profitable without losing its heart for service. This exploration led to new skills, new resources, and new ideas for supporting others in the industry. With a fresh perspective and a desire to see others succeed, the concept of Prosperatree was born - combining personalized coaching, exclusive events, and a membership with access to amazing resources and tools, all designed to support both business and personal prosperity. 

Once her business was running more efficiently, Cortney realized she needed a serious overhaul of her work/life balance. After spending 15 years working 100+ hour weeks and putting everyone's needs above her own, Cortney decided to start focusing on self care. She began with occasional spa days and taking one weekend off most months. This led to cutting back her hours and even taking time off (for the first time in over a decade). She made an effort to explore ways to relax, slow down, and recharge; meditation, energy work, massage, sleeping in, bubble baths, laughing, eating good food, delegating tasks, trips to the beach, and regular spa days. The result was a happier, healthier woman with a thriving business that was better than ever. In 2017, Cortney was planning a trip to Cancun to unplug and get some well-earned downtime. She had an idea...what if she could organize an event that would allow her friends and colleagues to join her on the beach and begin their own journey toward self care, a balanced life, AND a more successful career? In January of 2018, the first annual beach retreat was held in Cancun and there will be many more to come!

I needed time and space to relax, renew, restore, rejuvenate, and refocus my energy. I figured my colleagues needed that too, so I created our annual retreat.
— Cortney Gibson